EPS products are especially used for thermal insulation in buildings, and are also useful for sound insulation. In addition, they offer solutions for different purposes in special engineering constructions and sectors other than construction. Usage areas of EPS get diversified and improved day by day.

Use Of EPS Products For Other Purposes In Buildings

● Expansion joints
● Manufacturing lightweight building blocks (lightweight brick, briquette etc.)
● Manufacturing filler blocks
● Thermal insulation of window shade frames
● Manufacturing lightweight concrete and insulation plaster from EPS granules
● As filling material in door production
● Manufacturing prefabricated lightweight concrete elements
● Insulation of tanks and storages
● Manufacturing composite (multi-layered finished) boards

Use Of EPS Products In Special Engineering Constructions

● Manufacturing floating piers (pontoon)
● Construction of highways in cold regions
● For increasing ground strength by filling in loose grounds
● Expansion joints of bridges

Use Of EPS Products In Other Fields

● Packaging industry
● Manufacturing lifejackets and life buoys for ships
● Manufacturing windsurfing boards
● Manufacturing small boats
● In decoration works

Use Of EPS Products For Thermal Insulation In Buildings

● Thermal insulation of walls in buildings
● Thermal insulation of inclined and terrace roofs in buildings
● Thermal insulation of flooring in buildings
● Thermal insulation of ceilings in buildings
● Thermal insulation of protrusions in buildings
● Impact sound insulation in floating floor applications in buildings
● Formation of multi-layered elements for air sound insulation in buildings (after going through special processes)
● Thermal insulation of cold storages
● Thermal insulation of pipes
● Thermal insulation of poultry houses

  • 1. Thermal Insulation of Pitched Roofings
  • 2. Thermal Insulation of Garrets
  • 3. Thermal Insulation of Terrace Roofs
  • 4. Thermal Insulation of Concoles
  • 5. Thermal Insulation of Interior Walls
  • 6. Light Filler Block of Floors
  • 7. Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation
  • 8. Thermal Insulation of Underfloor Layer for Basements
  • 9. Thermal Insulation of Basement Shear Wall
  • 10. Thermal Insulation of Floors
  • 11. Exterior Wall Jambs