We fabricate all products under the roof of Teknopanel in our indoor area of 46.000 m2 in total in Mersin, Sakarya, Izmir and Istanbul. We are the most important producer of the sector with our 460 employees and an annual total production of 1.6 million m3 of EPS on 6 production lines at our facilities of advanced technology.

We use clean technology by turning towards clean and renewable energy resources in our EPS production facilities within the scope of our environmental protection policy. No solid waste is generated at the end of EPS production by using minimized water and energy consumption within a closed circuit. As the waste generated during cutting process is recyclable, it is integrated into production again immediately or afterwards. Emissions into underground resources and atmosphere are kept at minimum level and controllable point.

Teknopor EPS Production Step By Step

  • 1. Raw Material Warehouse
  • 2.Batch Pre-Expander
  • 3.Continuous Pre-Expander
  • 4.EPS Silos
  • 5.EPS Block Molding Machine
  • 6.Drying Room for EPS Block
  • 7.EPS Cutting Machine
  • 8.EPS Storage Area
  • 9.Water Cooling System
  • 10. Compressed-Air System
  • 11. Accumulation Tank
  • 12. Steam Boiler